‘Causal Decision Theory and EPR Correlations’ (with Arif Ahmed), Synthese 191, 4315-4352 (2014).

‘Discerning “indistinguishable” quantum systems’, Philosophy of Science 80, 49-72 (2013).  Also available here.

‘Symmetries and paraparticles as a motivation for structuralism’ (with Jeremy Butterfield), British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 63, 233-285 (2012)Also available here.

‘On kinds of indiscernibility in logic and metaphysics’ (with Jeremy Butterfield), British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 63, 27-84 (2012).  Also available here.


‘The role of symmetry in the interpretation of physical theories’. To appear in Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science.

‘Is mereology empirical? Composition for fermions’. To appear in Wüthrich, C. & Bigaj, T. (eds.), Metaphysics in Contemporary Physics.


‘Review of Pincock, “Mathematics and Scientific Representation”’ (with Sean Walsh & Eleanor Knox), Philosophy of Science 81, 460-469 (2014).

In preparation

‘Response to Saunders, “On the Emergence of Individuals”’.

‘Qualitative Individuation in Permutation-Invariant Quantum Mechanics’.

‘Physical Entanglement in Permutation-Invariant Quantum Mechanics’.

Qualitatively individuating quantum systems’.  (This is a long document, which encompasses some of the papers above.)

‘What quantum particles could not be’. (Most recent slides here.)

‘Quantum counterpart theory’. (Most recent slides here.)

‘Theoretical analyticity, revisited’. (Most recent slides here.)

‘Hume’s dictum as a guide to what there is’. (Most recent slides here.)

‘Adventures off-mass-shell: in search of a Poincaré-covariant quantum mechanics’. (Most recent slides here.)

Public lectures

‘The psychophysics of colour’, presented for the Cambridge Science Festival 2014.