This course is intended to cover the philosophy of physics component of the Part II Philosophy of Science paper (Paper 6), set by the University of Cambridge.

The course was given during Lent Term 2015.

Course Outline

Part 1 — Spacetime

Lecture 1: Substantival vs. Relational Space(-Time) 1: Pre-relativistic Theories

Lecture 2: Special Relativity and its Metaphysics

Lecture 3: Substantival vs. Relational Space(-Time) 2: General Relativity

Lecture 4: The Epistemology of Geometry

Part 2 — Quantum Mechanics

Lecture 5: Superposition, Collapse and Complementarity

Lecture 6: The Measurement Problem 1: Copenhagen and Collapse Theories

Lecture 7: The Measurement Problem 2: Pilot-Wave and “Many Worlds” Theories

Lecture 8: Non-Locality: EPR and Bell’s Theorem