This course is intended to cover the Introduction to Philosophy of Physics II: Quanta and Entropy (PH431) graduate course at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

PH 431 Course Guide

Part 1 — Quantum Mechanics

Lecture 1: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Lecture 2: The Measurement Problem 1: Copenhagen and Collapse Interpretations

Lecture 3: The Measurement Problem 2: Pilot-wave and “Many Worlds” Interpretations

Lecture 4: Non-locality 1: the EPR Argument

Lecture 5: Non-locality 2: Bell’s “No Go” Theorem

Part 2 — Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Lecture 6: Thermodynamics and the Aims of Statistical Mechanics

Lecture 7: The Boltzmann Approach

Lecture 8: The Ergodicity Programme

Lecture 9: The Gibbs Approach

Lecture 10: Jaynes’ Interpretation of the Gibbs Approach